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ring size

Choosing the right ring size is of course important, your ring must be comfortable.
But there are many different ring sizes and other countries use different sizes.


That is why we have arranged (almost) all ring sizes of most countries in a table.
So you can easily compare the inner diameter and the circumference of your ring and convert your ring size.
We use the European unit as our standard.

Haven’t found your size? No problem!
Send us a message with your size and we will tailor it for you 😉

Measuring your ring size

Nice all those ring sizes, but how do you know what your ring size is?
Within a webshop it’s hard to fit all rings to see which fits you best.

We still think the best method of measuring your ring size, is to have it measured at a jeweler’s.

But of course you can also measure it yourself.
There are two handy ways to quickly find your ring size. But for this you have to have an old well-fitting ring.

You can measure your old ring with a ruler, not our preference, but an option.
Put your ring on the ruler and read carefully what the inner diameter is.

The other option is to measure your ring with a caliper. We find this way a bit more accurate, especially when using a digital caliper.

Other ways to determine your ring size

Another alternative to measuring your ring size is by means of a Multisizer.
A multisizer works like a belt, but then for your finger. This plastic strip contains all the ring sizes and depending on your size, the multisizer will indicate what your ring size is.

A handy tool that does require a small investment (but with free shipping).

Now it is true that each ring feels different around the finger. So if you really want to know if a ring from us is comfortable before you actually want to order, then you can order dummy rings from us. We print 3D the ring in plastic in 3 different ring sizes so you can determine if it is the right ring size and if the ring fits nicely around your finger. The dummy rings are especially useful as a check when you want to order a ring from us in a more expensive material, such as titanium, gold or platinum.

The dummy rings are a slightly more expensive investment (also free shipping) but you’re sure the ring fits nicely.

Diameter (mm)Circumference (mm)Ring Size EURing Size US & CARing Size GB & AU
13.0040.84131 3/4C 1/2
15.0447.25154 1/4I
16.0050.27165 3/8K 1/2
16.3051.2116.255 3/4L 1/4
16.9253.16176 1/2N
17.4554.8217.57 1/4O 1/2
17.9756.45187 3/4P 1/2
18.5358.2118.58 1/2Q 3/4
19.1060.00199 1/8S
19.2260.3819.259 1/4S 1/4
19.5161.2919.59 5/8T
20.0262.892010 1/4U
20.2063.4620.2510 1/2U 1/2
20.4464.2120.510 3/4V 1/4
20.9465.782111 3/8W 1/2
22.1069.432212 3/4Z + 1/2
22.6071.0022.513.5Z + 1.5
23.0672.4523Z + 3
23.4773.7323.5Z + 4
23.8774.9924Z + 5

* The dimensions in the size guides are indicative. Is your size between two sizes? Take a size bigger just to be sure or send us a message with the size you would like to have ?.

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