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Icosahedron pendant


An icosahedron is one of the platonic solids of the sacred geometry. The Platonic solids were first described by the philosopher Plato (hence the name) around 400 BC.
But these special shapes are being dug up all over the world and are thousands of years older than Plato.

The icosahedron stands for transformation, changes and “go with the flow”. This form is strongly linked to creativity and can also strengthen it, but is also linked to sexuality and fertility. In addition, the shape can help to remove emotional blockages.

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Platonic Solids

But what exactly is a platonic solid? A platonic solid is a spatial figure which has 4 certain characteristics: All faces are the same size, all the edges have the same length, all the interior angles between the faces are the same and if the figure is put inside a sphere, all the points must touch the surface of the sphere. The most commonly known platonic solid is the cube: all the faces are the same (a square), all the edges are the same length and all the angles between the faces are the same (in this case 90 degrees).

The origin of the platonic solids (the cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron) is in Metatron’s Cube, which has its origin in the Flower of Life.

Elements & Chakras

The reason why the platonic solids are so sacred is because they contain every possible molecular connection and contain all possible geometric laws of this reality and the universe we live in. Basically it’s the blueprint of all matter.
The platonic solids are also connected to the four elements and our chakras:

Earth & 1st chakra (Cube)
Air & 4th chakra (octahedron)
Fire & 3rd chakra (tetrahedron)
Water & 2nd chakra (icosahedron)
Prana/Ether/Universe & 5th, 6th, 7th chakra (dodecahedron).


The icosahedron its key functions are transformation, change and “go with the flow”. This shape is closely connected to creativity and it will enhance it. It is also closely connected to sexuality and fertility. It will also help you to remove emotional blockages.

We make the Icosahedron pendant of 3D printed brass.
The pendant comes with a linen jewelry pouch and a wax cord string.

Dimensions23 × 23 × 23 mm

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