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Divine Love Star


A unique and very powerful sacred geometric object made of 3D printed Sterling silver or Gold plated brass.

This geometry has a strong effect on the heart chakra (4th chakra), the third eye (6th chakra) and crown chakra (7th chakra). When meditating with intention with the Divine Love Star it is possible to get into a (small) bliss. This works even with just one image of this geometric object.

The Divine Love Star is 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm.

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You could experience a bliss with the Divine Love Star, but what is a bliss? A bliss is hard to describe with words, not because it is vague or unreal, but it surpasses the capacity of language. It is something that has to be experienced to understand what it is. But to give you an indication of what a bliss is we will try to describe it.

A bliss feels like unconditional love, pure from the source of creation, unity and wholeness with every creation and the universe. During a full bliss you’re not even aware that you’re in a body, the only language you know at that moment is love.

Is a bliss enlightenment? No, a bliss and enlightenment are two different states of being which are often confused. Also enlightenment is an experience that cannot be described, but has to be experienced to understand what enlightenment is.


It is possible to draw a form of consciousness to this geometric object (geometry can have consciousness, a beautiful example is a Stargate), creating the possibility to connect to your higher self and other dimensions.

The geometry

For the mathematicians among us, the Divine Love Star is based on a dodecahedron, a platonic solid. On the planes of the platonic solid, points are added with a decagon as its base. Between those large points are smaller points with a hexagon as its base with the golden ratio (Phi, Φ). There are also small pyramids on this geometric object with the ratio of the Pyramids of Giza (Φ½, 1, Φ triangle ratio).

The Divine Love Star comes with a linen pouch.

Dimensions50 × 50 × 50 mm

18K Gold Plated, Sterling Silver

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