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Turquoise is a strong healing, purifying and protective stone. This stone brings you balance, has a positive effect on depression, mood changes, apathy and panic attacks. The stone provides insight and shows that you are responsible for your own happiness. It also brings creativity to solving problems, empathy and (romantic) love.

It protects against negative energy, radiation, purifies and balances the chakras.

Physically, the stone is a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying stone. It supports the absorption of nutrients and has a positive effect on rheumatism, arthritis, stomach, eyes, immune system and virus-infections.

This ocean blue stone has been known to man for centuries. The ancient Egyptians (12,000 B.C.), Chinese (1000 B.C.), Persians (170 B.C.), Romans (600 B.C.) and the Aztecs (1200 B.C.) used it for different purposes.

The Native Americans, for example, liked to use it for their jewelry. The Indians believe that turquoise makes someone more beautiful, more attractive, and healthier. Because of its colour, the stone helps you to connect with the elements air and water. They considered turquoise as shards of heaven.

The stone is linked to the throat (5th) chakra.

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