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tiger’s eye

Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone that focuses attention on the inside and on the larger picture. The stone protects against negative external influences and provides insight into ourselves and others. It also gives decisiveness, more self-confidence and reduces shyness.

The stone also helps to distance yourself, to keep track of the situation, to integrate information and to achieve your goals.
In difficult times, it can give strength, courage and confidence and help with internal conflicts, dilemmas, doubt and indecisiveness.

The stone stimulates rest, works to relieve pain, helps over-stimulation of the nervous system and prevents hyperventilation.
It also has a positive effect on colds, asthma, eyes, throat, genitals and unclamps in case of tension. Tiger’s Eye can be useful for people with personality disorders and depression.

The stone is linked to the solar plexus (3rd) chakra.

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