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Tektites are solidified fragments of terrestrial rocks mixed with pieces of meteorite that melt after a meteorite strike, are swung in the air and then fall back onto Earth. During the fall, the pieces solidify into a glassy mass. Often the surface of a tektite has typical characteristics that have developed during the fall.
Because tectites are partially made up of terrestrial rock, they are rich in silicon dioxide.

Tektite is a very spiritual stone and stimulates spiritual and personal growth. It helps to clear up the baggage from the past and to learn the lessons from this and stimulates a positive attitude.

Spiritually it brings the chakras in balance, stimulates telepathy and clairvoyance and helps to make contact with other worlds and dimensions. Tektite reduces fever and has a positive effect on the blood circulation and capillaries.

This is a beautiful stone to strengthen the contact with extraterrestrial entities!

The stone is linked to all the chakras.

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