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Shungite is a rare form of carbon which is anthracite gray to deep black. The reason that this form of carbon is so rare is because of its molecular structure.

One shungite molecule contains about 60 to 70 carbon atoms that together form a truncated icosahedron. These forms of molecules rarely occur in nature and it is also only recently known that this is possible.

This stone has its name because of its location, because it can only be found in one place here on earth. The Zazhoginskoye settlement in the Shunga region in Karelia (somewhere in Russia).
This particular stone is found among rocks from the Precambrian, the oldest geological era of the earth, which ended about 542 million years ago. It is not yet clear how old Shungiet actually is, but the expectation is that it is about 600 million years old.

This stone has a very good absorbent capacity (both energetically and physically) and a very good disinfectant and detoxifying capacity. It sucks up all the energies that do not belong in your aura and protects you against negative energies and electrosmog. It also works soothing (especially after a shock or trauma) and is very grounding.

Shungite is connected to all chakras.

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