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Pyrite is a yellow gold, shiny looking gemstone, also known as fool’s gold. During the Gold Rushes in the 17th century many gold-diggers were fooled by this stone, thinking they’ve found large amounts of gold, which turned out to be pyrite.

This yellow gold looking gemstone is a very grounding stone which gives a lot of inner wisdom, insights and confidence. It also gives the mind strength to break old patterns.
Physically it stimulates the liver, strengthens the heart, lungs and blood circulation.

The name pyrite comes from the Greek word Pyr, which means fire, and Pyrites Lithos, which means flint stone. It was used as a flint stone in the prehistoric times.
This is because this stone contains a lot of iron and sulfur, so when the stone is hit hard enough, it will spark.

For this reason it was used as a flint stone for the very first fire weapons during the 16th century. Later on it got replaced by an actual flint stone since they were more reliable and less fragile.
The ancient Egyptians however, used it for making jewelry and mirrors, because of its metallic look.

The growth pattern of pyrite is quite unique. This stone is found in nature as cubes or dodecahedrons. Slowly the dodecahedron grows to a cube and the cube grows further back to a dodecahedron.

Pyrite is closely connected to the root (1st) chakra.

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