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Obsidian is natural volcanic glass which is created through rapidly cooled lava. It is a powerful energy cleaner which gives many insights and enhances personal development. It surfaces underlying problems, emotions and negative experiences. The stone works like a mirror for the user, it reflects everything that is happening on the inside. It reduces fear, blockages, traumas, patterns and convictions which no longer serve you anymore. It also protects the user from psychic attacks and absorbs negative energies from the surroundings.

Physically it works as a painkiller, enhances the digestion, detoxifies and enhances the blood circulation. Because it enhances the blood circulation it might also help warming your cold hands and feet.

This black stone was already used in the Stone Age for razor-sharp knives and other tools. The Native Americans used it for spears and arrows, but was also a very important healing stone and talisman for them.
The Romans used it for eye operations, since it is razor-sharp and is disinfecting as well.

Obsidian is closely connected to the root (1st) chakra.

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