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Emerald is a beautiful green stone which opens the heart chakra so unconditional love can flow freely. It also enhances your inner power and brings harmony.
It also gives inner insights and wisdom. This way old (deep) patterns can be broken and transformed from negative to positive. In times of crisis it will show you new directions and possibilities. Physically it enhances the skin, eyes, sight, blood circulation, the muscles, the nervous system, the throat and the thyroids.

Emerald has been used for thousands of years by mankind as a healing stone but also as a precious gemstone. It symbolizes in many cultures power, immortality and eternal youth.
The ancient Greeks (800 – 250 B.C.) associated it with the God Hermes, which was the messenger of the Gods. For them the stone meant the truth and eloquence.
The Romans (600 B.C. – 500 A.D.) dedicated this stone to the Goddess of love, Venus. The color green was associated with spring and life force.

Emerald is closely connected to the heart (4th) chakra.

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