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A beautiful red-yellow material that has many applications. It is very electric and heat conductive and pliable.
Copper is the main ingredient of the gemstones malachite, azurite and bornite, natural copper-bearing minerals where approximately 5000 BC. this metal was extracted from. This special metal has been used by humans for more than 10,000 years. So it’s an important mineral!

A mineral that is often seen as toxic, but is also essential for living organisms and plants. In fact, there are animals (often molluscs and crustaceans) with copper-bearing blood instead of ferrous blood like ours. Their blood turns blue instead of red (and so does their skin). There are also extraterrestrials that have copper-bearing blood (in Dutch we have a saying that Royals have blue blood, coincidence?).

Copper is currently used in many alloys, including gold, bronze and brass, and is widely used in the industry.

In mythology and alchemy, it was often associated with the deity Aphrodite (Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality and fertility) because of its beautiful shine. For this reason, it was used for mirrors. Nowadays we use aluminum since it’s a lot cheaper.

Physically it improves blood circulation, gives courage and improves and broadens your consciousness.

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