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Charcoal is a natural black made of burned wood. We mix our pigments with a light grey holy ash from India, Vibhuti.
This ash has a higher energy frequency than charcoal, so together we create a special black.

Vibhuti has been used by the Hindus for thousands of years. The ashes are according to their healing and healing power. This holy ashes represents the final stage of everything (“from dust to dust”).
According to the Hindus, it is the reality that remains when desire and ego are burnt away by the fire of enlightenment. It symbolizes purity and renunciation of desires. It reminds us of the temporary nature of our physical body, which one day, after death, will be burnt to ashes.

We mix this combination of natural black and Vibhuti with epoxy glue to form a basis for our rings. A unique way to make rings!

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