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Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin and has a reddish to yellow color (looks a bit like rose gold). It is almost similar to brass, which is also a copper based alloy.

It was discovered around 3000 BC and was used for the first time in China, Iran and Iraq. It is harder than copper and stone and was therefore at that time the ideal material for making tools, but also weapons, sculptures and jewelry.
In the Netherlands (at that time) there was no copper or tin ore to be found. All the bronze had to be imported through barter.

Spiritually, tin promotes prosperity, spiritual growth, and emotional and spiritual qualities. Where copper improves blood circulation, gives courage and improves and broadens your awareness.

Tip: Bronze can stain the skin green/blue, especially with rings. No worries, this is due to the sweat and is not harmful.
This is something to consider when you want to order a ring in this material.

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