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In order to be able to create our products, material is of course required. The choice of material influences the frequency of the jewel or product.
One material is no better or worse than the other, just a matter of taste 😉

We have an overview of the materials we use in our products with an explanation of the energetic effects, material properties and fun facts.

Do you have a special material request? Send us an email, then we will take a look at the possibilities!



Brass is (in Dutch) also called yellow copper, because it is an alloy of copper and zinc and has a yellow golden color. It is an ideal metal for parts that have to do with a lot of…



Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin and has a reddish to yellow color (looks a bit like rose gold). It was discovered around 3000 BC and was used for the first time in China, Iran and…



Charcoal is a natural blacking made of burned wood. We mix our charcoal with a light gray holy ash from India, Vibhooti. This ash has a higher energetic frequency than the charcoal…



A beautiful red-yellow material that has many applications. It is very electric and heat conductive and pliable. Copper is the main ingredient of the gemstones malachite, azurite…


cyanoacrylate glue

A long scary name that is hard to pronounce, cyanoacrylate glue. A more familiar name for this glue is also super glue, but not all super glues are…


epoxy glue

Epoxy glue, also known as the 2-component glue, is a glue based on epoxy resin. It forms a very strong bond and glues almost everything. We use this glue in a different way …



Gemstones are actually special forms of combined minerals that occur in nature. So they’re natural products! Some gems are common in nature, others are extremely rare…



Gold is a precious metal with a long history that has the nickname “the King of metals”. This material is widely used for jewelry, but also for aerospace, dentistry and…



Our jewelry bags are made of linen, a type of textile that is made from flax and lasts a long time. Linen is very environmentally friendly because the plant does not entail waste…


shed antler

Also better known as the antlers of (different types of) deer. But a loose antler does not mean that the animal has died. Every spring, the skin starts to itch around the antlers…



Silver is a (semi) precious metal that is often used for jewelry. This soft metal (slightly harder than gold) is since 4000 BC. known to man. It was then mainly used as…


stainless steel

Stainless steel is an alloy of mainly iron, chromium, nickel and carbon (sometimes also with molybdenum, titanium, manganese, nitrogen or silicon). This alloy has been discovered since…



Titanium is a lightweight, but a very strong grayish metal. This material is completely hypoallergenic. Ideal for people who have a metal or copper allergy! (Also the reason this metal is…

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